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Universal TVgo Tiny Remote

(a tiny TV remote on your keychain to control any TV anywhere you go)

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No remote is easier than TVgo remote to control TVs in the house or around the world. Just press "Anyoff" button for a few seconds and then release it.   Now you can fully control that TV --- channel, volume, mute even AV/TV and sleep functions.  

You do not need to enter codes to show your magic. You do not need to know the model of that TV.  The TV can be on, can be off.  Now, you can control almost any TV in the world with one TVgo remote.

It is even easier to turn off, turn on or mute  virtually any TV. Just touching AnyOff or AnyMute button.

The Universal TVgo tiny remote is great for traveling & for fun use. It is super easy, and tiny to be carried all the time.

TVgo is also handy  to control every TV in your house.  One remote for all the TVs in your house! No more frustration when your TV remote is temperately missing.  No more rushing to buy an original TV remote that could cost over $100.00 when your remote is broken or lost.    

How about every TV has its own TVgo remote, no confusing different remotes, experience TVgo simple, no fuss control.

TVgo remote is such a fun and useful gadget, no wonder businesses use it as a marketing gift to promote their messages. 

Universal TVgo tiny remote with flashlight

(TVgo & LED flashlight on the same remote on your keychain)

If you like the easy and freedom of controlling TVs everywhere, and would also like to have a handy LED flashlight on your keychain, this universal TVgo tiny with flashlight  is for you.

Universal TVgo full remote

Universal TVgo full remote is designed to replace virtually any TV remote, but with a much easier and faster way to program --- enter no codes. Just press a button. Like most TV remote controls, TVgo full remote has 33 buttons, including 0 to 9, menu etc.

Since it is so easy and fast to program the TVgo full remote, you can make a remote control for virtually any TV by first pressing a button for a few seconds. You need enter no codes, you do not need the original remote to get TVgo to control any TV.

If you have experienced or known of the frustrating,  time consuming to program a universal remote, you will fully appreciate our TVgo full remote.

TVgo remote commercial review

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If you saw our commercial on TV, please email us and let us know what do you think about it. Thanks.  

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(PLease order at TVgo remote online store  or Call (805) 341 3358

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